People say that movies are a reflection of the society?! Are they really? Or are they an exaggeration of the existing system or maybe they are trying to teach us something?
Here are 5 movies that taught us, maybe not, maybe they've tried teaching the harsh realities of real life in reel.

1. Taare Zameen Par - The journey of a little Ishan Nandkishore Awasthi from being cute to being outstanding in academics, definitely invigorated the quality of strong dedication in us. One must belong to a very powerful school of thought if they want to achieve whatever they've thought and that by a streamlined process. Think - Plan and Act!* *

2. 3 Idiots - This fantastic portrayal of cinema taught us to invariably follow dreams overlooking and overriding the glitches of the education system. Chase your dreams, work hard and run through the system and achieve them is a fantastic learning from the movie.

3. Oh My God - More such movies that target the religious sentiments of the audience shall be made. One side where the country is trying to move towards* development, religious grounds are somewhere and somehow holding it. One great takeaway from KanjiMehta's character is his belief in the God and not His Godmen.

4. English Vinglish - It belongs to the category of movies that inspire an average Indian on daily basis. The little ventures read challenges that a lady faces and challenges them back outshining the barrier of merely a language.

5. Chak De! - Team work and passion to win were two strong sentiments that this dramatic movie taught us. how easily girls from different walks of lives sync in to form for the same great cause.

Movies give us more than just entertainment. They become inspirational after making us emotional. Everything and everywhere which involves time should be made worth learning. While these flicks give us pure entertainment, one could also look in to grasp some part from it!*