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Thread: Taxi/Cab/Car Rental Service in Guwahati

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    Taxi/Cab/Car Rental Service in Guwahati

    If you are visiting Guwahati or traveling inside Guwahati, you can hire a local taxi or cab or take a car on rental. There are few options available for cabs and taxi service.

    My Taxi

    Customer care phone number:

    0361 222 8888

    My Taxi Fare and Charges

    My Taxi - Fare Chart
    The new Rate Effective form 1.10.2013 onwards
    Standard Fare -
    6am to 8pm
    Rs. 18/- per kilometer ( pick up point to Destination)- 6.00am to 8.00pm
    Initial 15 Minutes Free Waiting- No Charge
    Any Raod, Railway or Airport Parking charge - Customer has to pay
    Normal Waiting Charge- Rs.100/- per Hour ( 30 min-Rs-50/-, 15 mins- Rs.25/-)
    Early Morning & Night Charge( 8pm-6am)
    Rs.22/- per Km
    Whole Day BOOKING
    (inside Guwahati City)
    4 Hrs. Rs.1000/- ( +200/- if continues after 10 pm)
    Rs.1200/- ( hazo, Rangia, Saigaon) +200 every additional hour
    8Hrs. Rs.1800/- ( +200/- if continues after 10 pm)
    Every additional Hour
    Whole Day BOOKING ( outside Guwahati City )
    4 Hrs. Rs.1200/- ( +200/- if continues after 10 pm)
    8Hrs. Rs.2000/- ( +200/- if continues after 10 pm)
    Every additional Hour
    Minimum Distance Booking - 10 Km. OR Rs.180/-(6am-8pm) and Rs.220/- (8pm-6am)
    CONVINIENCE Charge Rs. 10.00/- With Each Booking

    For exact rate please call the call centre.

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    Prime Cabs Service in Guwahati

    Prime Cabs is another radio taxi service in Guwahati. They have a 24 hour service and cab can be booked online.

    Prime Cabs Customer Care Phone number: +91 361 2222233

    Prime Cabs Fare and Charges

    Particulars Day Time
    5:00am to 10:00pm
    Night Time
    10:00 pm to 5:00 am
    First 8 Kms Rs.180 Rs. 220
    Rate after 8 Kms Rs. 19/Km. Rs. 23/Km
    Package 4 hrs. Rs. 1000 (extra 200 per hr.) Rs. 1200 (extra 240 per hr.)
    Package 8 hrs. Rs. 1750 ( extra 200 per hr.) Rs. 2100 (extra 240 per hr.)
    Waiting Charges Rs. 1.80 per min. Rs. 2.20 per min.

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